Why Do You Love Reno?

Recently…  I polled a very diverse group of people on why they love Reno.   Their responses are below.

“Four seasons. And I don’t mean Frankie Valli’s old group.”  Jake Wiskerchen Jr. 

“Best weather anywhere. I would know” Pam Beaton

 “Midtown, many parks, great yoga studios, bike friendly, polite people” Jacquelyn Simon

“I love Reno for the outdoor life. Skiing camping fishing hunting.” Brian Catlett

“All the outdoor recrImageeation, and no traffic!” Annie Grogan

“Friends, Sports Betting, Wine walk, Unr Games, casino entertainment and Tahoe is a stone throws away… Hmmmmmm that’s about it..” Alex Gresham


All of these reasons are so diverse.   If you could pick the reasons you love Reno what would they be?




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