As promised…  Here are the homes sold this month so far in Northern Nevada by Harcourts NV1 Realty.

This market is on fire right now.  If you are looking to sell drop me a line.  Interest rates are the lowest they have been since 2013 and there is not much out there to buy.   As you all know I work with both Sellers and Buyers.   In this market working with both keeps me knowing what the other side of the fence is going through.

Look forward to hearing from you.   

Homeowners you could be sitting on a nice payday.
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How do I know if my Realtor is the right one for me?

In some ways, the buyer-real estate agent relationship is similar to a romantic one. In either situation, the relationship’s success or failure depends a lot on picking the “right” partner from the beginning. Chemistry and communications also play an important role. Here’s how you can find the best real estate agent “match” and nurture that relationship to achieve your goal: buying your dream home.

Do your homework

Today, buyers start researching properties online well before they contact an agent. This early research period should also be the time to have your feelers out for a good agent. In fact, the best time to connect with an agent is when you’ve got some knowledge of your local market but need more input, a second opinion and a professional’s guidance. Asking friends, family and coworkers for referrals can be helpful for finding an agent. Posting what you’re looking for in an agent on social media might also help lead you to the best real estate “mate.”

Take it slowly

Would you introduce to your parents someone you’ve only had one or two dates with? Probably not. Before getting serious with a potential mate, you’d get to know them, learn about their history and understand your compatibility. It’s not too different in the real estate agent-buyer relationship. Buying a home is an extremely emotional time. Your real estate agent will be front and center with you through ups, downs and trying times. Through the buying process, your agent might learn a lot about your personal life as well as your finances. For these reasons, take the time to ensure you have the best person by your side. If you rush into a relationship with the wrong agent, you’ll regret it later.

Pay attention to chemistry

An agent could come highly recommended and be thoroughly experienced. But with any relationship, chemistry (or lack of it) comes into play. When you first talk to an agent, ask yourself: Is this someone you’d want to spend time with? Does the agent “get” you? Will you feel comfortable sharing your financial and other personal information with him? If you answer “no,” keep looking for someone you click with.

Avoid the blame game

In today’s often-competitive real estate markets, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll get the first or even the third home you try to buy. This may cause buyers to get stressed out or upset after losing in a bidding situation or when faced with a seller who’s just “not that into you.” Unfortunately, buyers sometimes take out their anger and frustration with the market on their real estate agent. But don’t assume that the fact your bid wasn’t accepted is your agent’s fault. The agent can’t control the seller or the seller’s agent any more than you can. Pick the best agent for your needs; trust your agent to do the job; treat the agent as you’d want to be treated; and chalk up a losing bid to experience.

Practice patience

As with romantic relationships, there may be times when your agent tries your patience. Maybe you’ve been looking for a month now and still haven’t found your dream place. Whatever the situation, keep in mind that buying the right home shouldn’t be rushed. Give the process, and your agent, time. On the other hand, if your agent seems to be neglecting you, speak up.

Communicate clearly

This is probably the most important step to any successful relationship: maintaining open, honest communications. With your real estate agent, be upfront from the start about how you like to work and what you might expect from them. Express concerns you have along the way. Above all, give the agent constructive feedback that will help him succeed. In most cases, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your agent during the home buying process. So choose wisely. Picking the wrong agent can add to the stress, frustration and uncertainty of buying a home. On the other hand, choosing the right agent can make the process significantly easier and more successful.

In case you were wondering what area’s In Reno/Sparks had the most home sales in 2013, here it is!


2013 saw 7,241 residential sales across the Reno Sparks market. And though this number was down slightly (1 percent) from the number of residential sales in 2012 (7,322 units sold), it was still respectable given 2013′s low inventory levels with which the market has had to contend all year.

Our region’s MLS defines over 40 MLS areas within Reno-Sparks. [See Reno-Sparks MLS Area Map]. How were 2013′s sales distributed across these MLS areas? Quite varied. Obviously many factors contribute to the number of sales for a particular area. The area’s size, location, population, density, and median sales price are a few that come to mind off the top of my head.

But looking simply at units sold, these are the top selling MLS areas in Reno and Sparks, Nevada in 2013 ranked by the number of sales in each.

Rank MLS Area 2013 Sales
1 Reno-South Meadows 585
2 Reno-Northwest Suburban 457
3 Sparks-East 431
4 Spanish Springs-South 422
5 Sparks-Suburban 404
6 Reno-Stead 391
7 Reno-Southwest 381
8 Reno-Old Northwest 354
9 Sparks 318
10 Reno-South Suburban 279
11 Reno-Cold Springs 259
12 Sun Valley 259
13 Reno-North 233
14 Reno-Old Southwest 229
15 Spanish Springs-West 208
16 Reno-Northwest Foothills 203
17 Reno-Donner Springs 196

Reno’s South Meadows area (MLS Area 143 on the map) takes the top spot with 585 residential sales. That number represents a bit more than 8 percent of all sales in the Reno-Sparks market.

Total residential sales across all property types, including: site/stick built; condo/townhouse; manufactured/modular; shared ownership. Data courtesy of the Northern Nevada Regional MLS – January 2014. Note: This information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

Reno/Sparks Market Report June2013

Reno/Sparks Market Report June2013


“The fact remains that we are still in a seller’s market and the demand for homes is very high,” said Helen Graham, 2013 president of the Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS. “This demand is mostly made up of homes in the under $250,000 price range. In June 2013, 62 percent of the homes sold were priced at or below the $250,000 price.

Homebuyers need to understand that if they continue to wait for home prices to decline, while Interest rates have been Increasing for the past five months, it is likely to lower their purchasing power.”

Median Sales Price

– June 2013 median price was up 1.6% to $222,000 compared to $218,500 in May 2013 and up 30.6% compared to $170,000 in June 2012.
– Median price is defined as the mid-point, where, for the time period identified, the price for one-half of the sales are higher and one-half are lower.

 Annualized Median Price by Area Group
– This chart shows the annualized median price by-area-group year over year. Each vertical bar represents the median for the prior 12 months of data.

Median Price by Special Conditions
– June, 2013 median price on properties with no special conditions was up 4.3% to $245,000 compared to $235,000 in May, 2013 and up 12.9% compared to $217000 in June, 2012.
– June, 2013 median price on REO (Bank Owned) properties was down -1.0% to $205,000 compared to $207,050 in May, 2013 and up 60.8% compared to $127,500 in June, 2012.
– June, 2013 median price on short sales properties was down -6.3% to $154,550 compared to $165,000 in May, 2013 and up 3.0% compared to $150,000 in June, 2012.

Number of Units Sold
– June, 2013 units sold was down -5.5% to 503 compared to 532 in May, 2013 and down -2.5% compared to 516 in June 2012.

Average Days on Market
– June, 2013 average days on market was down -13.0% to 94 compared to 108 in May, 2013 and down -33.9%
compared to 142 in June 2012.



Realtor® Dominic Gentile of Harcourts NV1 has lived in Reno for over 17 years where he attended the University of Nevada and graduated with a degree in political science. Having been in the Building and Housing Industry for over 8 years, He has always been one to look after others needs and interests first, so becoming a Realtor® was just logical. 

When not working you can usually find Dominic on his road bike – He is an avid cyclist and loves being outdoors.  Living in one of the most amazing outdoor adventure places in the world, he sees no excuse to not be outside. Reno/Tahoe is what I call “A little piece of heaven”.  

Buying or Selling a home can be a very daunting and stressful time in a homeowner’s life and working with me will eliminate most of that stress.

He prides himself in making an impact in every person´s life that he touch. His philosophy is that there is no better way to make your mark in this world than helping make positive changes in the lives of others. As a Realtor®, He has committed himself to providing the highest quality of service to his clients in all of their transactions.

He knows that you have many options when selecting a Realtor®, and appreciates the opportunity to serve you. Dominic’s clients know they can count on him to deliver. If you are looking to find your family’s new dream home, sell your house on the market,  in your preferred Northern Nevada community, there is no other agent in Northern Nevada a better-suited to help you succeed in your ambitions and endeavors than the one-and-only Dominic Gentile.

New Listing!!!

New Listing!!!